December 2016


JUNE 2016

We have wanted to explore the Bay of LA for a long time so we decided to take a week off, pack up our inflatable boat and hit the road. June in Baja is usually very hot with really warm water in the Sea of Cortez. So this is exactly what we were expecting and unfortunately not what we got. The water was cold, not mildly cold but the kind where you can only last 5 minutes without hypothermia cold. And although it was warm it was very windy, so I would not say it was even close to being hot. Luckily it is beautiful in the Bay of LA and there is a lot to explore. Because of this we decided to hop around, by strapping our inflatable to the roof of my suburu and hoping for the best. This did give us the ability to check out different camping spots but it also gave us a few holes in our boat, which thankfully we were able to find and patch. We were also excited to take my all wheel drive on some of the dirt roads into some of the more remote bays, however when you are weighted down with a motor, tons of gas, a boat and all of your camping gear this may not be the best idea. But we went for it, and got stuck in the sand about 4 miles from this magical bay. We did get out and decided not to risk the last stretch. Luck just didn’t seem to be on our side this trip but that still didn’t deter us from exploring, fishing and getting to know the areas around LA Bay. And after all of these little frustrations, we can’t wait to go back but the next time we decided that we’ll bring a bigger boat along for the journey.



APRIL 2016

We finally got out to Utah this spring to explore Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and I fell in love. We were immediately greeted by Big Horned Sheep in Zion while hitching a ride to the trailhead our first morning there. The hikes were stunning and highly recommended, the East Rim trail to Observation Point and then Angel’s Landing (first thing in the morning before the crowds). We only had a few days there so we tried to make the most of it and we were not disappointed. But we agreed that the next time we go we will dedicate more time to exploring this park. After Zion, we headed over to Bryce Canyon, and to our surprise there were no crowds because of the colder weather. We got to spend some quality time with the hoodoos, observe some prairie dogs and we even ran into a pack of pronghorn. We capped off this adventure with some spring skiing in Brian Head. It was the perfect Utah get away.



MARCH 2016

This was my first time in Central America… we went to Las Penitas for a surf trip with two of our good friends. Unfortunately my time spent there was fighting off the flu and not doing much surfing. But Nicaragua is a beautiful country and Las Penitas was a perfect little beach town with an extremely nice community of people. The others got plenty of surf time in, and we also got to go on a mangrove tour via panga and we got to check out Leon during the easter holiday (and some really cool sawdust art!). Overall it was a great trip, but the next time I find myself down there I hope to be in full health.



Working with glass has always scared me, but my husband finally motivated me to conquer my fear and signed me up for a stained glass class. Our first project was a fused/stained glass window. This project allowed me to understand how to work with glass (correctly) and got me excited for future projects.





We tried a new kind of backpacking trip, on our dirt bikes. Our bikes allowed us to explore the many dirt roads within the Anza Borrego limits. This area is incredibly beautiful and there is so much to see whether on bike or on foot. We are very lucky to have a place like this right in our backyard.