This past February Danny and I were able to vacation in a place we would have never traveled to on our own, Aruba. Thanks to a family raffle, my sister won a vacation in Aruba and graciously gave it to us as her wedding gift. This was definitely a different kind of trip for us, solely based on the fact that we would be staying in a nice resort and not in our camper van or outside. We will never be “resortists” but it was nice to live in another person’s shoes for a week.

I am pretty sure we did almost everything that Aruba had to offer. Danny went scuba diving and windsurfing, I went SUPing, we snorkeled, we rented a dirtbike, we went sightseeing, we tried to do it all. But in the end, I think we had the most fun sitting by the pool, drinking pina coladas and playing with the resident iguanas. Also, spending some quality time with my family that happened to be there as well. I don’t get to do that enough nowadays.