MARCH 2015

Our friends from Idaho came to visit in March for their Spring break so we decided to head back down to Conception Bay for a spring fishing trip. But on our way down we stopped in San Ignacio to see the gray whales. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now so I was especially excited to have this experience. For anyone that isn’t aware, gray whales travel down to Baja to have their calves. There are a couple of different bays that the Gray whales will give birth in and you can hire a trained guide to go into these bays by panga to see the mothers with their calves. The whales are not afraid of the boats and will come up to check the pangas and it’s passengers out.

This was an incredible start to our trip. Seeing and touching these humungous, powerful and gentle animals was an unforgettable experience and one that I highly recommend.

After San Ignacio we continued down to Mulege for the rest of the week. A week that consisted of 4am wake up calls and non stop fishing but one that also resulted in a whole lot of yellowtail to bring home. There was also a lot of life on the water… specifically the giant mobular rays that were swimming around offshore. They were everywhere, jumping out of the water and circling underneath the boat. But the biggest highlight of the week unfortunately happened on the one day I decided to sleep in, Danny and our friend Steve saw a pod of Orca Whales! Lets just say that I learned my lesson and I’m never taking a day off again. 🙂