About Me

Katie Sedivec

I started my design career in Boston where I was raised, but shortly after college I moved to San Diego to complete a year of AmeriCorps Service at a local non-profit. Since then, I have built a life in Southern California.

When I first arrived on the west coast, I quickly adapted to and fell in love with San Diego’s outdoor lifestyle. This started with my service at an organization that connects local youth with outdoor experiences. I was able to combine all of my passions into one position- design, development, the outdoors and working with youth. After this role, I continued my work with outdoor-inspired design through an action sports apparel brand; first as their E-commerce Marketing Manager and eventually as their Senior Product Designer and Domestic Development Manager. I enjoyed my full time position in apparel but I also wanted to expand my scope in marketing and design direction.

As a freelancer I have been able to work with a wide range of clients in a multitude of roles. I have continued my work in apparel while also broadening my experiences in brand development. More recently I have dedicated a lot of my time towards the creative direction and management of brands in various medical fields. This has also allowed me to grow my love for illustration and informational graphics.

I believe that this diversity in my work has kept my design style fluid, and it allows me to take on projects from a variety of clientele. If you think that I may be a good fit for an upcoming project, contact me today. I look forward to connecting!



The name Golden Grouper Creative was born from a love and respect of nature’s magnificent designs. My husband and I are avid aquatic enthusiasts, whether it be fishing, boating, diving, or just camping on the beach, we spend most of our free time on or in the ocean. This has led us to fall in love with the peninsula of Baja California. With the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific Ocean, and the 2,500 miles of coastline between them, there is a lot to explore.

We have spent countless hours on the Sea of Cortez, one of the most biologically diverse bodies of water in the entire world. I am constantly amazed by the intricacies and exquisite coloration and patterns of Baja’s tropical reef fish. One fish in particular that stands out for me, is the Golden Grouper.

The Golden Grouper is an extraordinary fish and a unique testament to the design capabilities of Mother Nature. Starting life as any other Leopard Grouper, colored brown and tan with maroon spots, they quickly undergo a life changing transformation. Less than one percent of all Leopard Groupers will change into a brilliant, pure golden color that it will retain for the remainder of its life and thus become a Golden Grouper. Much like these remarkable golden groupers, through successful design solutions, my goal is to help my clients transform their image and leave a memorable impression on their audience.